30 gay, straight, and interracial couples managed to make the Grammys cool

30 gay, straight, and interracial couples managed to make the Grammys cool

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I grew up on the MTV Music Awards of the 1990s, so beyond celebrating hardworking musicians, I’ve never thought the Grammy Awards were that exciting. However, when I heard that 30 couples, made up of heterosexual, homosexual, and interracial members, were to be married on live television during the awards, I had to give the Grammys some props.

While some feel the mass wedding – officiated by Queen Latifah, who signed the marriage certificates herself – was gimmicky, I respect it more than watching Lady Gaga hatching from an egg. To skip the song and watch the marriage ceremony, fast-forward to 4:27.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who scored big at the Grammys with four awards, are swiftly becoming leaders in the gay-rights movement by broadcasting their message through hip-hop music. Their performance of “Same Love,” and inclusion of the couples, was inspiring for me to watch, and helped me feel hopeful about a future of acceptance that affects many of the people I know.

Read more at Mother Jones.

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